Top 10 famous brand guitars that are cost effective

Squier Affinity Stratocaster

The Squier brand is known to be a brand under Fender. The quality of the guitar is standard from the major brands, the price is incredibly cheap. The advantage of this model is that there are two types of pick-ups, Single-Coil and Humbucking.

In addition, there is a white neck pattern made of rosewood and black neck made from rosewood. Also, users can choose a variety of guitar specs. The guitar model is considered a cheap guitar.

The wood material used to make the body is also the same elder wood as Fender. The neck is maple wood. It can be said that the Fender guitar is incredibly affordable.

Squier Affinity Telecaster

When there is a Strat style, there must be a Tele style, an alternative guitar for those who like this style of guitar, which Squier brand under Fender still works well with the same price as the Strat.

Body wood is the same elder wood which is very rare in lower level guitar brands. Including the maple neck to give clear sound Over-priced

The Pickup also uses vintage models that are commonly used in Fender guitars. All bridges and knobs follow the standard Fender brand.

Squier Aff Guitar Tele is popular in cheap guitar groups. That sounds and good quality.

Epiphone LP Special II

Epiphone LP Special II

Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson, which releases this model of guitar for musicians who want a low-cost guitar. The quality that is trusted by the Epiphone brand that has long experienced guitar makers with the Les Paul style that is like Gibson’s signature, but the price is shocking.

The material used to make the body is mahogany and the wood is worth more than the guitar price. This model will give a typical Gibson sound because the neck is made of mahogany. Including the use of a humbucking pick-up like a hi-end price guitar.

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